Adapt washing factors individually with the UC series
Sinner's circle - 4 factors

Optimum washing result - the Sinner's circle


Only when all four factors are harmonized, an optimum washing result can be achieved.

Ideal temperature
Only at 55 °C or above fats can be effectively removed and germs killed. Winterhalter glasswashers guarantee a temperature of 60 °C in the wash tank and 65 °C during rinsing.

Effective use of detergents and rinse aids
For washing glasses, Winterhalter offers special glasswashing detergents that protect the material but effectively remove dirt.

Properly utilized time
DIN 10511 recommends an optimum cleaning time of 90 seconds to allow the detergent and rinse aid to work properly. If the washing time is shortened, this can lead to hygiene problems.

Perfect mechanical cleaning effect
Optimum pressure, total coverage wash system, special wash nozzles – these components ensure optically and hygienically faultless glasses. In the UC Series an PT Series this washing factor is flexible.