Glasses - Single variety washing

Hygiene according to DIN


In order to ensure the hygiene of glasswashers, it is necessary to comply with the standard DIN 10511. This standard defines the technical and hygienic requirements for glasswashers and the washing results. Winterhalter warewashers meet the guidelines of this standard as a matter of course.


The most important requirements at a glance:

  • Glasses must be visibly clean
  • Glasses must be dry within 2 minutes after their removal from the machine
  • A contact time of 90 seconds is recommended
  • The total micro organism count in the detergent solution may not exceed 200 CFU*/ml
  • Pick-off tests on the glasses must not show more than 5 CFU* per 10 cm²

*CFU (colony forming units): Indicator for the number of germs