The right choice of glass - Normal glass, crystal glass or lead crystal glass?



What should you look for?


Glasses are manufactured with different levels of quality. The service life of your glasses is determined to a large extent by the quality of the glass and by correct handling during washing.

Glass typology

The normal glass
or soda-lime glass is a simple consumer glass, made from sand, soda and lime. It is processed into simple drinking glasses and is only partially suitable for warewashers.

Crystal glass
is colourless, ultra-pure, and free from bubbles and streaks. It is remarkable for its high-quality, transparency and high refraction of light. The ingredients and composition are regulated by the Crystal Glass Identification Law. There are now glasswasher compatible crystal glasses.

The lead crystal glass

has a very high density and brilliance. Depending on the manufcaturer, lead crystal glasses can be washed several thousand times in the warewasher and still retain their sparkle.